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3-May-07 Due to site hosting closing down, I've had to move my site. Please update any bookmarks, etc to my new URL:
24-July-06 A couple of updated images of my 'Amelia' project in the 3D section. This now shows what is pretty much all the modelling done.
14-May-05 Just a quick little update on a subject that really has very little to do with 3D and all that. If you happen to be a fan of Doctor Who, then you may be interested in a little database project of mine? If so, then check out the new Who section for all the details.
11-Apr-05 Wow, as they say, that was a long time between drinks and no I didn't plan on it being exactly 1 year. However, in 2 weeks time I will hit my first year at what was then a new job. This has been one of the things that slowed down updates and in fact most things to do with 3D.
However, it hasn't been a complete stop and I have still done a bit of 3D on and off. As such, the lastest WIP image has been updated and a new section in 3D Imagery added. This time it won't be another year between updates and I'll also add some wireframes with notes to the tutorial section to show what changes I've been making.
11-Apr-04 Its been a while, but I found some time to make some of the final updates to the base template of the How to Build a Believable Human Character tutorial.
I have no idea if any more will be added to this tutorial, I am currently re-working my whole approach to 3D, so things like tutorials are going to take a back seat.
7-Feb-04 Having been a Disney fan for many years, I have noticed, as I am sure you have too, the slow loss of creative focus at the company. Well, its seams as if things have gotten so bad that Roy E. Disney has started a campaign to "bring the magic back". So why not check it out and see if you can help:
A number of updates have also been added to the How to Build a Believable Human Character tutorial and more are on the way.
9-Jan-04 I start off 2004 with some pretty cool site news. My little online place is being featured as the "Site of the Month" by my hosting service f2o. So to all of those that are visiting from said referral, I would just like to say hello and thanks for stopping by.
I have also added a bit more content (the arms are now done) to the body template on my How to Build a Believable Human Character tutorial.
24-Dec-03 I have added the first stage of modeling the body template to my How to Build a Believable Human Character tutorial.
14-Dec-03 Things have been a little slow lately, so just to get things moving along, I have started a new tutorial section that will over time be built up to cover How to Build a Believable Human Character. For now an introduction and the initial head modeling are online. So enjoy and stay tuned for more to follow.
1-Nov-03 I have been doing some more work on my Marie character and now have a small lip-sync test animation that can be viewed here (420 KB).
You will need Divx 5.1 to watch it.
17-Sep-03 Added a new section to my web site - Interviews. So why not have a look and read about Liam Kemp as he talks about his new animated short "This Wonderful Life".
15-Aug-03 On top of the tutorials, I have also been doing some work on my Marie Character. Most of this has been the rigging set-up and while I still have the facial morphs to do the rest of the rigging is pretty much done.
So here (960 KB) is a little Divx animation (5.05 required) showing where she is currently at. This also has some new textures, though a couple of issues were highlighted for later fixing.

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